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...Ignored, often badly understood a long time, the system postural tonic seems a whole now structured and indissociable.

This course makes it possible to analyze and study the postural tonic system, to define its place within modern medicine and to evoke the innumerable ones pathologies caused by its imbalances. Will be also considered, the place of each speciality within this sytème.

It will show the functional consequences and anatomical of the postural dysfonctions and the role of the constraints which results from it in the génèse from various current pathologies. We will study the neurophysiology of the postural system as well as last work of neurosciences made in this field. We will learn how to analyze postural imbalances as well as the clinical arguments allowing to think that such or such sensor is concerned.

Lastly, this course will make it possible to consider different therapeutic protocols intended to hold account at the same time postural tonic imbalance, as well as various put out of order sensors.
These considerations call into question the treatments usual and new protocols require therapeutic adpatés.
The obstacles will be also evoked with postural reprogramming, of the short legs with microgalvanisms, while passing by blockings out system and disorders of dental occlusion.

The courses will be exempted by Dr. Bernard BRICOT :
...............* Orthopaedic surgeon
...............* Member of the G.L.E.M.
...............* President of the C.I.E.S.
Since 1985, it teaches as well in France with the foreigner, and at present, more than 2000 doctors and professionals of health were trained with his techniques of Postural Reprogramming Globale®. He is assisted by Mr Lionel BARBER, podologist.

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