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...The real cause is therefore usually a mechanical one.

What is responsible for these pathologies : the system thrown out-of-tune by the abnormal information signals it receives from the peripheral sensors : feet, eyes, teeth, skin etc.

The aim of posturology is to provide a treatment no longer based on the symptoms (pains) but on the causes, and one of reprogramming those out-of-tune sensors in the system.

The latest neurological research has shown that the control of the body’s spatial equilibrium does not depend exclusively on the internal ear, as was believed for a long time, but also on other sensors of the system, of which the feet and the eyes are the most important.


...These two elements constitute the primary inputs of the system, any disturbance due to ground-contact or of optical origin will have repercussions on the postural ensemble. These sensors being out-of-tune is extremely frequent, and most of the time is present without being noticed.

While feet and eyes provide the principal and most frequently encountered causes, there are others too that give rise to postural imbalance : certain types of scars, the manducatory system (teeth, muscles and articulations), the muscles etc.


...Another neglected component of the sensorial system is the teeth, muscles and jaw articulation. Bad dental occlusion gives rise to neck-aches, head pains, dizziness, buzzing and evening and morning aches and pains.

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