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...The spine or vertebral column must perform two relativity contradictory functions : to be solid and yet flexible.
The whole unit (vertebrae, inter-vertebral discs, ligaments and support muscles) must function in a perfectly co-ordinated manner, and it is the postural tonicity system which achieves it.
When an element of that system is modified and imbalance sets in - the pain starts.


- 47,6 % French men and women suffer from it
- 30 % of young people from 7 to 17 complain of backache
- backache and rheumatic pain constitute the third biggest health bill item in France
- each year 13 million working days are lost due to back-related problems.


...There is failure to progress or fall-off in performance despite training, and numerous repetitive incidents in sportsmen.  All this is generally connected with the body being in an unbalanced position.

The statistics speak for themselves : backache blights the life of so many French and sports-people.

This situation arises because of the purely symptomatic treatments usually prescribed and the total ignorance of the systems that govern the postural system.
The mechanical component of the pains, arthritis or vertebral deformations is only rarely taken into account.

The body being in an unstable position sets up abnormal forces throughout the elements making up the vertebral column (vertebrae, inter-vertebral discs, ligaments and supporting muscles).

It is these forces that in the end give rise to the pains, stiffness and contribute to arthritis developing.

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